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Fritted Glass Window

The fritted or bonded window concept is a proven, highly effective glass closure option: the automobile industry uses the concept, referring to it as “direct glazing”. DiamondFrit windows are bonded directly to the structure with a high strength elastic adhesive. Frit glass windows are used in commercial and pleasure marine applications as well as in heavy equipment applications. The substrate can be fiberglass, aluminum or steel.

Discover the many characteristics of DiamondFrit:

Long Life:
Borders consisting of a special ceramic high-density formulation are digitally printed onto the glass and baked in our tempering oven. The ceramic frit border covers and protects the bond from the sun’s UV rays, extending the look and life of your windows.

The high elasticity of the bond seal maintains strength and durability, ensuring your window’s performance under wave impact, thermal movements and the dynamic stress encountered in marine use.

Smart Technology:
Frit window technology combines ease of installation – a straightforward process to prepare, place and bond into position – while delivering solid performance – the fused bond is both leak–proof and sound absorbing.

Designed to your Spec:
Diamond Sea Glaze ceramic frit marine closures are available in various tints, tempered or laminated in flat, curved or heated configurations – and delivered to your specifications.

Many Shapes & Sizes

Diamond Frit and Heated Glass – Download Cutsheet

D Series Windows

The D series windows are durable, cost efficient aluminum framed windows. All frames are available with 1/4″ glass while the D5 fixed window can accommodate either 1/4″ (D5)or 3/8″ glass (D5/10).

All D series windows are available with mitred corners or with a 2-1/2″, 3″ or 3-1/2″ corner radii. All closures are custom built to your specifications with either an anodized or painted finish.

D5 – Fixed Window

D5/10 – Fixed Window

D15 – Front Sliding Window

D15RS – Rear Sliding Window

D15XX – Double Sliding Window

D15HD – Half Drop Sliding Window


150 Series Windows

Diamond Sea-Glaze offers a variety of heavy duty windows to suit various applications.

The stout but refined profile of the 150 series frame is ideal for yachts and passage makers that frequent offshore waters.

150F – Fixed Window

150S – Front Sliding Window